June 20, 2024

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E-Commerce Supporting Technologies – Computer, Computer Networking, Internet, Internet Connectivity

E-Commerce because the word suggests means conducting business on the web or on-line. The scope of economic may involve:

o selling hard goods on-line like a phone, computer or footwear

o Electronic goods for example e-books, MP3 Pro Music Download, software, graphics or pictures

o selling ideas or services

To market the products the merchant should have an internet site or perhaps a virtual store on the web for him to market the products online. A potential customer finds that website, buys goods onto it, pays owner utilizing a charge card or via other mode. Merchant receives payment and provide the goods and props up customer. Practically, that’s e-commerce in the simplest sense.

Among individuals e-commerce transaction a great deal technology are involve to accomplish the purchase. For example, the merchant needs to design and create a website developed utilizing a complex programming language known as HTML. Merchant needs to get a domain name name to identity his business on the web. Information and merchandise from his on-line store or business are encoded and stored around the merchant’s computer server or located with a third-party website hosting company. To ensure that the client to obtain the merchant’s site, he requires a computer that’s consequently linked to a method typically referred to as the web, for him so that you can go to the merchant’s site.

The Pc with regards to E-Commerce

Your Personal Computer or Pc is really a computing device or tool built around a micro-processor. It’s many different parts — memory, a tough disk, a modem, etc…That actually work together. It’s also known as general purpose equipment. General purpose means that can be done a variety of things having a computer. Technology-not only to type documents, send e-mail, see the Web and play games.

On every own, the pc may be used to expedite the processing and storing of knowledge for example word processing. It is also designed to transmit and receive information using their company computers. These computers can talk and exchange information from one another via a common computer language or protocol. Laptop Computer is easily the most valuable and core-technology required to drive E-Commerce and Online Business.

Network System with regards to E-Commerce

Two or several computers could be physically linked making to talk with other computers within a nearby network (LAN). The word use to explain this interconnection is known as networking. Networking of computers can be created using whether wired (cable) or wireless (radio) kind of connection. Usually, networking or even the linking of computers is susceptible to the number or distance limitation since the signal and excellence of communication will degrade as distance increases. Computer Networking is used for many on-line online business to have an efficient and productive E-Commerce business.