January 27, 2022

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Bring your Ideas to life with Web based Augmented Reality

Web based Augmented Reality is the branch that offers an enhanced reality on using handy devices such as tablets and mobiles. Web based augment reality is known as WebAR. The web designs for the AR applications are convenient with compatible plug-ins such as WordPress VR. This plug-ins assists the web designers in uploading 360-degree videos.

Web based augmented reality is now readily available. The technology leverage helps the mobile user interfaces. It provides the users with affordable option and makes the browsing experience significantly vibrant and practical.

Benefits of web based augment reality

  • Easy navigation- Web based augment reality offers an experience within a webpage. It helps to navigate to view the webpage URL to get an augmented reality experience. You can get it without downloading any app through your Android or iOS smartphone camera. A WebAR experience is user-friendly as it is focused with aesthetic HUD design, speedy loading times, and Call-to-Action buttons.

  • Speedy deployment- Dedicated AR app previously took nearly 6 to 12 months to bring anything to market. Besides it also required the approval of the App store and the apps are not designed to offer speedy deployment making the tasks go frustrating when live. However, with Web based augment reality, everything comes to life in few weeks. Anything is accomplished in a short time-frame.


Why it is exciting?


Web based augment reality allows brands to be reactive and to get creative with the technology that was earlier much restrictive. The augmented reality is the latest technologies that had visualized humble beginnings. It is one of the significant reasons that we are beginning to see now only the actual use of the augment reality in brands such as Kelloggs and Coca-cola.

Exploring WebAR is possible if you have in your mind something very specific. You can begin to get in touch with an expert Web based augment reality team or professionals. They will provide end-to-end service for deployment and creation, assuring the campaigns for marketing is the best.

As the WebAR technology is the simplest to use through the web it enables smartphone users to create interactive 3D models. There is no installation burden. The WebAR increases interaction and engagement offering a rich user experience. The activity of WebAR conveys responsiveness and innovation from brands that are forward-thinking.  Nowadays, it helps the education field that acquiring knowledge has become comfortable and easy. WebAR runs on most browsers that you need not look for particular specification in your device to receive the support of AR.