September 22, 2023

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Texting Etiquette: 2022

There are about 5 billion people around the world that send and receive SMS messages. With this number alone, you can picture how significant the role of texting is for people. You might be thinking – people have already shifted from SMS to instant messaging applications. 

While this may be true, sending and receiving messages through instant messaging apps like Messenger, WeChat, or Viber, functions just the same as texting. And both texting and messaging have some etiquette to follow. 

The first etiquette you should remember is to send at least a prompt acknowledgment of the message you receive. You do not necessarily need to address the concern of the text, but you must at least inform the sender that you have received their message. 

A simple “I have received your message, but I will get back to your concern as soon as I am available” will already suffice. Moreover, if the message was sent in iMessage or Messenger, sending an emoji is enough to let the sender know that you have already received the message. 

Avoiding confusing shorthand messages, not sending too many attachments, and considering the time before sending your message are other etiquettes that everyone should remember. This is more important in a business setting where messages must be recorded in compliance with Securities and Futures Commission or SFC archiving regulations.

An SFC recording in a business context is necessary to protect the organization, its employees, and its clients. Archived text messages can be helpful, especially when you get entangled in a legal case and need evidence to defend yourself. Additionally, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) require organizations to archive text messages or calls.

For more information regarding texting etiquette and the rules and requirements for messaging compliance, you may check this infographic created by Telemessage.