June 20, 2024

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NFT Games — What Are They & Their Advantages

A DEEPSPACE (DPS) Smart NFT spacecraft explores the DEEPSPACE universe

The gaming industry has snowballed in recent years. As most of the world’s population found themselves primarily housebound, the epidemic exacerbated that expansion. Many people turned to video games to pass the time and maintain social connections.

The critical market sectors from which the video game business gets hundreds of billions of dollars in annual sales are mobile, PC, and gaming consoles. Players buy the newest platforms and titles for modern video games, sending money to the developers. Game developers are looking at innovative ways to make money from their games in addition to the sticker price. The majority of gamers will pay to unlock premium features, distinctive personalities, and exclusive in-game abilities, according to game developers. The market for in-game purchases is a multi-billion dollar opportunity for studios, although most studios have just superficially investigated it.

Most blockchain-enabled games emphasize value creation, enabling gamers to comprehend the worth and usefulness of assets obtained through in-game purchases and regular gaming. Players benefit from purchasing an item in a traditional video game, for instance, since it gives them advantages or makes them stand out from the crowd. However, when Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are utilized in video games, the acquired products offer several extra advantages. NFTs are tradeable and can be exchanged for money, goods, and benefits. Each NFT has its distinctive blockchain-based identifier. Some NFTs are playable within games. There is a chance that players who buy in-demand NFTs will be able to resell them for a profit.

The DEEPSPACE (DPS) team working on the BNB Smart Chain recognized the potential for these technologies to be revolutionary if appropriately used. But most blockchain and NFT games consistently fall short in prioritizing the gaming experience. Most prioritize financial gain and possible benefits for the studio and the developers over the game experience. DEEPSPACE took action. They added cutting-edge and exclusive technology into their designs, like spaceship NFTs that can be updated and played in-game (they termed this technology Smart NFTs). On the other hand, they designed their NFT blockchain game set on space with an improved gaming experience.

DEEPSPACE thinks the gaming sector needs to adopt the blockchain and keep innovating to make the next big step. With an incredibly brilliant team, they have shown that blockchain games can be interesting, entertaining, and highly innovative. Players of DEEPSPACE (DPS) can use their Smart NFT spaceships to explore the enormous DEEPSPACE cosmos, mine asteroids and planets for materials, exchange those resources on the Galactic Resource Exchange, or use those resources to improve their spacecraft (via the Shipyard). The game’s Outpost, the players’ starship market, allows players to exchange Smart NFT spacecraft. They prioritize their users’ needs and the gaming experience by creating an extensive ecosystem for them.

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Buying an NFT starship in DEEPSPACE’s marketplace, called the Outpost

What new developments are on the horizon? While DEEPSPACE wants to keep some of its following improvements a secret, for the time being, they can reveal that they are preparing to add missions, racing, and combat to DEEPSPACE. To complement their Smart NFTs, they also want to add Semi-Fungible Tokens (SFTs) to the game. NFT gaming and blockchain gaming is expected to replace traditional gaming. It is going to be fascinating to observe!