June 20, 2024

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How to Ensure Your Mobile Device is Secure

Mobilephones have become every individual’s most used device, and people significantly rely on them for different reasons. For example, one may use their phone for entertainment while another for business-related activities.

It became even more popular following the COVID-19 pandemic when students and employees were compelled to work in their homes. However, with the ever-changing technology, how can you ensure that your device is still safe and secure?

Develop a Security Policy

Every company must have a security policy that employees and staff should follow. Without a policy, workers can mindlessly or deliberately put sensitive data at risk. Security policies may include mobile password requirements, BYOD or Bring Your Own Device regulations, and noncompliance accountability.

Furthermore, as long as the people in a firm are able to abide by such rules, security policies can help construct a control structure to protect the company from external and internal threats.

Archiving Text Messaging

Because instant messaging apps have become prevalent, it is crucial to know how to communicate with others responsibly. Many IM applications like WhatsApp have an archived chat on WhatsApp feature, allowing users to place message conversations or files into a separate folder briefly.

This archiving attribute can be overlooked but has many benefits that individuals may not know. For instance, businesses can stay compliant when archiving as firms are required to do so by certain laws.

Users can also better curate conversations by monitoring them and,simultaneously, clearing up space for the most critical data when messages are WhatsApp chat archived. This makes it a helpful tool in keeping mobile phones secure as it helps ensure that every communicated data is free from unethical or dangerous conduct.

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